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Welcome to our 2nd Annual Pop Star Camp located at a professional recording studio in Burlington, B Town Sound. We can't wait to hang out with you and create a memorable week of musical fun!  


Join us July 15th - 19th | 9am-12pm Ages 7-13. Max 20 kids per week. SALE $168.75 plus HST. Reg. $225 plus HST.

Daily photography and videos will be taken each day and posted on our website, YouTube, social media, and marketing materials.

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Monday | Singing

On the first day campers will meet new friends and the camp hosts. We will do fun games and develop long lasting bonds that will continue throughout the week and possibly even longer. Our main focus on Monday is the voice. We will learn about vocal anatomy and have mini workshops. Pop Stars are singers, so we focus on this at camp first.

Tuesday | Dancing

Movin and a Groovin!!! On the second day of camp we will learn how to move to the music; to allow ourselves to unlock our bodies, while still continuing to sing. This day will be dedicated to learning basic dance steps, as well as putting them together to create a movement routine to our songs of choice.  

Wednesday | Fashion

When the lights come on, the Pop Star has to look larger than life. Wednesday is 'WOW' day!  We will be working on fashion, from design to reality! We will also look at hair and makeup and experiment with colours and contouring. When on stage, Pop Stars need to be seen, so we find tricks to getting noticed! We will be having a photo shoot to preserve our makeup works of art!

Thursday | Instruments

Being a singer is awesome, but what is even cooler is being able to play an instrument and sing at the same time. If you have your own and want to bring it in to play that would rock! Or we can try some of the instruments around the studio and experience what it's like to be a drummer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, and percussionist!

Friday | Makeup, Photography, Performance

Show day! Putting it all together. The music, the dancing, the fashion, the glamour! After a full week of fun, it finally amounts to one thing. The BIG show! Today we will do our own hair, makeup, finish our crafts and perform 3 songs for parents at 11:30am. It will be an amazing camp full of memories!

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